The Blue Line Call Center

On the edge of the Marietta College campus is a room on the third floor of Mills Hall that comes alive each evening with the energy and excitement of students. During the school year a team of students serve as fundraisers and ambassadors of the College making personal phone contact with alumni, parents and friends across the nation to share news about Marietta College, update information from our alumni and ask for gifts to support The Marietta Fund. This year the goal is to raise $325,000 through the Blue Line, which is a key element to the success of The Marietta Fund.

Our callers are committed to helping maintain and improve the Marietta College experience for current and future students. These students value the quality education they are receiving at Marietta College, and they realize the life-long advantages that it will provide. For this reason, our Blue Line callers are not only calling to ask for support, but they are also calling to thank you for the great opportunities and experiences they are receiving at Marietta College!

Blue Line is more than a fundraising effort. When you receive a call from a student, your gift of time also gives them a chance to develop their skills and allows them to learn about your experiences at Marietta. Just hearing how your educational experience at Marietta College has benefited you throughout the years can be a tremendous encouragement and have a huge impact on a current student. So, the next time you see Marietta College calling, please "answer the call" and share your experience with a current student. The knowledge you impart may be even more valuable than the gift you pledge.

Interested in working for the Blue Line?

Download and return this Caller Application Form (PDF) to Susan Allendar on the 3rd floor of Mills Hall.


Founded in 1835, Marietta College is a private, liberal arts college located in southeast Ohio. Consistently ranked among the top Midwestern
schools by U.S. News and World Report, Princeton Review and others, Marietta College's small and diverse student body enjoy opportunities
rarely found at other liberal arts schools.


215 Fifth Street, Marietta, OH 45750
Toll-free: 1-800-331-7896